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March 29, 2018

Growing up poor is an ADVANTAGE!

Like a lot of the people reading this, I grew up poor. Not dirt poor where I was worried about where my next meal would come from - more like, "drinking powdered milk and everything you own being from Goodwill" level poor. What really sucked wasn't so much BEING poor (the trivial stuff like not having the latest toy or whatever), it was FEELING poor... like I was inferior. Feeling ashamed, like other kids lived in a place where I wasn't allowed to go. And the really insidious thing is that when everybody you know is in the same situation, you accept it. You think this is just the way life is, so there's nothing you can really do but suffer though it -- like the line in "One With The Underdogs," "taught to accept defeat." I know this because it's how I saw the world until I was well…
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