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February 16, 2016

Alumni Profile: Colt Cabana of the Art of Wrestling Podcast

Colt Cabana (nee Scott Goldman) is easily one of the most recognizable independent wrestlers at the moment. He’s the creator and host behind The Art of Wrestling, often considered the first wrestling podcast. While Cabana is known to some as “breaking the internet,” he should be known more for his DIY business acumen, which has extended to a fruitful life as an independent wrestler, comic, and world traveler. Cabana is a multi-title holder, guested on both Marc Maron’s WTF podcast and his eponymous TV show, but more importantly, he’s provided the template on how to be a completely self-sufficient DIY pro who hosts a podcast from his studio...APARTMENT. Give us your life story in a few sentences: who are you, what is/was your involvement in DIY culture and what is your "real job"?  Chubby Jewish sports-minded kid from the suburbs of Chicago dreams of being a pro wrestler.  So he…
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