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February 20, 2018

How to introduce yourself to people you want to work with

So after months of hard work, you finally have your chance - you're about to introduce yourself to that person you've always dreamed of working with. "Great to meet you," s/he says, "So what do you do?" That moment is CRUCIAL!! The reality is that you have ONE CHANCE to make a first impression, and careers are made (or destroyed) in those moments. The right answer could open the door to all kinds of opportunities - all it takes is the right words, to the right person at the right time to get that big break that changes everything! Which is why it's SUPER important that you know exactly how to describe yourself and your work in a single sentence - because when we're talking about VIPs, you oftentimes only have a couple seconds of their attention. It sounds pretty simple, but for most of us it isn't! It's surprisingly hard…
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June 22, 2015

LESSON 3: The Art of Getting Up

When I was 12, I had my first foray into graffiti, which largely included me sloppily writing my name with a Mean Streak marker in McDonald’s bathrooms and bus benches. Overtime, some of my other terrible graffiti friends showed me that you can also “get up” (getting your name up everywhere) by using postal labels from the USPS and “My Name is” badges from any random office and sticking them on as many visible surfaces as possible. Years later, when I began playing in bands, I found this practice to be useful when we would order much better-looking stickers and put them all over whichever neighborhood we were playing in. Yes, this is vandalism, but it did make our band visible which, in turn, put us on several good shows for our two-year run. For my current social marketing consultation company, I took a very similar approach, minus the outright…
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