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Reader questions
March 2, 2016

Reader questions vol 5: Portfolios, scams, and freelancing!

Got a business, school, or career question? Ask it here! Kamran asks: I have a question that I hope you can cover in a future article: I've seen these people from time to time... They're always talking about living life with "total economic freedom", not having a boss or anyone to answer to, posting from exotic places in the world, etc. This guy works for a weight loss shake company and I think he makes money either by bringing people into the company somehow and/or by selling people the shakes. They typically have outlandish beliefs like traditional schooling is unnecessary, all you need to do to get rich is be like them, etc. Something about the whole thing is very shady to me, but I can't pinpoint what it may be exactly. For all I know, he could be living the life, but something about it screams scam to me.…
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