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July 13, 2017

Alumni Profile: Gavin Van Vlack of Burn

Back in the day, at least in the circles I traveled in, the idea of being into punk and any kind of athletic pursuit was like petting the cat backwards... it just wasn't an option. Sports were for jocks, and jocks were NOT punk! But now that's all changed, especially in the hardcore scene - hardcore and fitness go hand in hand, especially the more intense flavors of fitness like jiu-jitsu, muay thai, Crossfit and powerlifting. Go to any BJJ academy and count the number of guys and girls with a bunch of tattoos who change into a Judge or Black Flag shirt after class... you'll lose count fast! It makes sense to me, because in my opinion a core element of hardcore is self-improvement, fearlessly looking in the mirror and asking yourself how you could be a better human - and in my experience there's no better way to…
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April 16, 2017

Why you MUST read Harley Flanagan’s book

Musician's memoirs and books documenting some long-gone music scene are among my least favorite things to read. They usually amount to little more than some old guy telling a bunch of stories about how things were so much better back in HIS day (old farts in "American Hardcore" talking about how hardcore died in 1984, I'm looking at you) and glamorizing/romanticizing a lot of self-destructive or anti-social behavior-- and with a stark lack of reflection, introspection or critical thinking about the times documented in the book. You usually get the sense that the person writing the book really wishes they could hop in a time machine and just relive that period over and over again, like some weird punk version of "Groundhog Day." And maybe to normies it's interesting to read a bunch of stories about fighting, drugs, and debauchery, but to those of us who have seen and/or lived…
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