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August 19, 2015

Alumni Profile: Justin Brannan of Indecision and Most Precious Blood

Whether it’s Jello Biafra running for mayor of San Francisco or anarchist zines that support systematic change, punk rock and politics inherently go hand-in-hand. Known for shredding in Most Precious Blood and Indecision, Justin Brannan went from playing sick breakdowns to becoming one of the most respected young Democrats in the New York area. His change in job title is something I can relate to; following the breakup of my last hardcore band, I worked as a communication specialist for the Washington State House Democrats. Instead of being an idle armchair punk with strong opinions to share on the B9 Board, I was helping facilitate change on the homefront – even if that meant setting aside my own cynicism. Brannan is still very much an involved activist and works with the New York City Department of Education. A member of the PRMBA Alumni, Brannan gives us the low down on…
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