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July 18, 2016

Alumni Profile: Elgin James, screenwriter

If you're a hardcore kid, you almost certainly know the name Elgin James. The story of his past as a member FSU has been told many times in the pages of Rolling Stone, shows like Gangland and countless forum threads. But I'm not interested in rehashing that story, because it's a lot less interesting to me than what he's done since then. I'll admit that when I heard he left Boston to pursue a career as a filmmaker, I was skeptical: "The FSU guy?? What does he know about making movies? How's he gonna pull THAT off?" But he proved me and everybody else very wrong, carving out a spot for himself as a legit Hollywood director and screenwriter by sheer force of will. When I say "legit," I mean that he's worked with SHOWTIME, HBO, Sundance channel, ¬†Universal, Blumhouse and Imagine, released a feature film called "Little Birds," and…
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