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July 28, 2015

Alumni Profile: Chris Gliebe aka Devi of Lightborne

Growing up, the only thing that I cared about as much as hardcore was graffiti. I'm not going to say that I was the king all-city bomber, because the truth is that I was too scared to ever really get up a ton, but I spent thousands of hours tracking down copies of Can Control, drawing outlines, and trading flicks with other kids from all over the country. I've always thought of hip-hop and graffiti as fundamentally the same thing as punk/hardcore: independent culture by the kids, for the kids, so I am stoked to have Chris Gliebe on PRMBA to represent graffiti on here. I know Chris from some Scribble Jam many years ago, and then from freelancing at motion graphics/broadcast design agency¬†Lightborne, where he is now the Executive Creative Director. He's not only an awesome writer, but a great designer/illustrator and most importantly one of the nicest human…
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