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August 2, 2015

Alumni Profile: Joshua Namdev Hardisty of The MVA Studio and MCAD

For whatever reason, it seems like "graphic designer" is the #1 career choice of ex-hardcore kids and skateboarders (I was no exception, having spent quite a few years doing graphic design myself). I think a big part of that is because visual art plays such a huge role in both cultures: from album covers to show flyers to magazine ads to deck graphics to t-shirts, graphic design is in many ways just as much of a part of these cultures as music and skateboarding are. I mean, how many of us picked up our first record because it had a cool cover, or got into skating because some deck had a sick graphic on it? Which brings us to our latest PRMBA Alumni, Joshua Hardisty. I wanted to talk to Josha because he came up in a very specific subset of hardcore that I also spent a lot of time in, the…
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