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January 31, 2016

Alumni Profile: John LaCroix of Ten Yard Fight, While You Were Sleeping, and much more

John LaCroix is one of the many people who I never knew back in the day, but whose name always came up in conversation. He's probably best known for playing guitar in Ten Yard Fight and Unrestrained, but I've always been a big fan of his work behind the scenes as the brains behind magazines like Extent, While You Were Sleeping and Swindle. He was also one of the first hardcore kids to become a legit "creative professional" outside of the music/ skateboarding/ etc world, with a very impressive resume as a Creative Director where he's worked with clients like Samsung, NASCAR, Apple, and ESPN-- check out his portfolio for more details. He's one of the best examples of what I'm trying to document here on PRMBA: people who used the skills that they learned from DIY culture as the foundation for a successful, inspiring career as a creative professional. Very stoked to…
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