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February 25, 2016

Read questions vol 4: Where can I get an internship that isn’t BORING?

Got a career, school, or business question? Ask it here! James asks: Hi Finn and Co. I am currently a bachelor in Corporate Finance & Accounting (2nd year) and I really am enjoying college. Currently I'm thinking about an internship but it seems the only ads I find are from these huge, "boring" corporations like P&G, Aon etc. How can I find a career path in a creative and less corporate environment? What are some of the best companies for internships? A couple things here… First of all, I would challenge your basic premise here that working for a big corporation is inherently boring or uncreative-- not true at all!! For example I have worked with P&G and they are one of the most innovative, smartest companies on the planet— I probably shouldn’t talk about the details, but I did some seriously crazy, fun, creative stuff for them (and those were…
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