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April 26, 2016

How 90s skateboarding taught me that business is art

As a kid, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have told you "an artist." Why? Because I was "creative," and "creative" people should be artists because "creativity" means drawing pictures, taking photographs, or maybe if you're little more pragmatic, being a graphic designer... right? But the truth is, that's bullshit. Certainly visual art is one facet of creativity, but it's only one-- and it's sometimes a pretty limiting one (as anyone who has designed for a client will tell you). We need to think bigger about what "creativity" means. To be super literal, "creativity" is the act of bringing something into existence: where there was nothing, now there is something. And the highest form of creativity is entrepreneurship-- it's the ultimate medium, where the only limits are how big you can dream and how hard you can work to make the dream come true. It's the…
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Reader questions
February 6, 2016

Reader Questions vol 2: How to be a writer & should I start a business

Viktor asks: I humbly request your career advice. I have a BA in Software Engineering. I was fed up with IT as a profession in general, right now I'm working in journalism but i want to switch back as the money to time ratio is just way better. Now my question: Should i pursue a stable 20h/week freelance gig to invest the other time into a startup (my own, not working for free) or should i go full corporate and try to climb the established ladder? thanks! Entrepreneurship is awesome, but it's fucking HARD. If you're thinking about it, make VERY sure you know what you're getting yourself into... it's WAY harder than working for someone else. If you don't believe me, ask any small business owner. Some wise words from a former (successful) startup founder on the realities of "entrepreneurshit:" I like to speak about this topic with first-time wantrapreneurs because if you…
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