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January 18, 2016

LESSON 7: Small teams = big ideas

Every few years, a new movement comes along that ends up being a "sea change," completely changing the face of youth culture forever. They always start small, as a few kids going against the grain because they see the world a little differently than everyone else. Then before you know it, these little pockets of cultural rebellion snowball into global phenomena that leave their fingerprint on a whole generation. And while they might seem like giant movements from the outside, if you look deeper you'll see that they were really driven by no more than a handful of key people. Exhibit A: LA graffiti The Los Angeles graffiti style, once found exclusively in Southern California, is now found on walls all over the world, on clothing, album covers, and packaging in on the shelves of malls everywhere, and corporate giants like Nike are doing collaborations with street legends like BIG SLEEPS. While there…
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