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March 5, 2016

How to get PR for your work

Ever see a company/band/brand’s name pop up in your newsfeed and go, “WTF, why is everybody talking about these guys right now??” Well, that didn't happen by accident (usually). It was almost certainly the product of a carefully planned and well-executed PR campaign. And while most of us kind of intuitively know this,  we often have no idea how to actually put it into action for our own projects. I’ve been on both ends of the PR coin over the years— as a writer for a bunch of music sites and magazines, and as someone trying to get press coverage of things I’ve worked on— and it’s actually pretty simple once you understand how the game is played. Proof that I am not talking out of my ass here: I’ve gotten 100+ media placements for CreativeLive in national outlets like Alternative Press, Guitar Player, Revolver, and tons more. I also got coverage…
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