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May 24, 2016

Alumni profile: Chris Wrenn of Sully’s and Bridge 9

You may know Chris Wrenn as the founder of Bridge Nine, one of the most important hardcore labels of the past 20 years (and home of the infamous B9 board). But as much as I love him for putting out bands like Have Heart, Terror, Death Threat and Ramallah, the fact of the matter is that nobody (including Chris) is making a ton of cash from releasing hardcore records. What you might not know is that Chris' "real job" isn't Bridge 9, it's his apparel company Sully's. Rooted in the rich and highly charged culture of Boston sports, Sully's was among the first of the new-school sports brands (along with Homage) that have essentially reinvented sports apparel, injecting a little punk rock attitude into what was previously a fairly conservative category. Take a walk down the aisles of Dicks, Walmart, or Target and their influence on mainstream retailers is obvious. I'm really…
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March 13, 2016

How to get freelance clients

As anyone who's been a freelancer will tell you, DOING the work isn't the hard part— GETTING the work is the hard part, especially at the beginning of your career. Once you build up a name for yourself, you'll start to get new clients via word of mouth, but until then you need to grind for a while with the specific goal of getting new clients. Like most things in business, the formula really isn't that hard-- you just have to put in the work. This article is specifically geared toward visual artists, but the basic template applies to anyone. Note, this article is only for people who want to be truly excellent. It's for people who are filled with a burning desire to kick ass at what they do and build a name for themselves as a hot up-and-comer in their field. So if you are content being average and just…
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