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January 28, 2016

Alumni Profile: Tim Coleman of Antihero Productions & MBA candidate

If you want to lose a lot of money really fast, booking shows is a really good way to do it. Which is why I have a ton of respect for the few people who actually make some money at it. If you can put on shows for a few years without declaring bankruptcy, you can probably make it in just about any business you choose to pursue. Tim Coleman is one of those rare people, a veteran promoter with shows under his belt that include¬†bands like Veil Of Maya, Whitechapel, Stick To Your Guns, Agnostic Front, Counterparts, and dozens more. He's also the living embodiment of the PRMBA, currently pursuing an MBA. Check out his story, and drop us a line if you know someone else we should profile! Give us your life story in a few sentences: who are you, what is/was your involvement in punk/HC/DIY culture and…
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