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December 6, 2015

Lesson 6: Help your competitors & welcome copycats

In theory, bands compete with each other to get on shows, sign to labels, and for the attention of fans. Competition is part of the DNA of skateboarding, where athletes face each other in contests, push to outdo each other in video parts, and for a very limited number of sponsors-- even people who ride for the same team compete for the attention of their sponsor. Clothing companies and brands in both spaces all compete for marketshare, retail space, and so forth. Yet despite so much rivalry over extremely scare dollars, you'll find that DIY bands, brands, and athletes collaborate far more often than they compete. What people and brands with roots in DIY culture understand is that there is often more to be gained from working together and helping each other than there is from trying to keep you "competitors" down. Instead of fighting over pieces of the pie, they work together to…
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