Don’t let self-doubt hold you back!

By June 23, 2018 No Comments

I doubt myself every minute of every day.

And I think that we ALL do. Most of us try to hide it (to varying degrees of success), but I think everybody hears that same voice in the back of our heads saying that we’re not good enough, that our work is crap, that nobody cares, etc etc etc.

This is especially true for creators, because we are inherently emotionally invested in our work. We couldn’t do what we do without putting ourselves into it, right?? In order to do what we do, we have to make ourselves emotionally vulnerable.

And that emotional investment oftentimes means an emotional rollercoaster that (at least for me) can be pretty exhausting and discouraging…

So I decided to just be super honest about the things that make me doubt myself, and also how I deal with it, because hopefully it can help any of you guys who also struggle with self-doubt… let me know what you think and if it was helpful!

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