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November 2019

November 20, 2019

THRASH METAL, CONVERGE, FAVORITE PODCASTS – Viewer Comments 012 I answer viewer comments, concerns, and ideas, including: YouTube musicians like Jared Dines and Stevie TWhy Converge has been so influential via Jacob Bannon's Jane Doe artwork and Kurt Ballou's productionUsing drugs to enhance your creativity Why I get so many angry metal elitists being hateful in my comments - My favorite podcasts: Gary Vaynerchuk, This Week In Startups and Group ChatYouTubers I like such as Sara Dietschy, Philion and Leon LushTrap metal artists like Ghostemane touring with metal bands like Harms WayGoofy bands like Municipal Waste and Lawnmower DethMy favorite thrash metal bands like Slayer, Forced Entry and The Accused
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