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July 2015

Alumni Profiles
July 28, 2015

Alumni Profile: Chris Gliebe aka Devi of Lightborne

Growing up, the only thing that I cared about as much as hardcore was graffiti. I'm not going to say that I was the king all-city bomber, because the truth is that I was too scared to ever really get up a ton, but I spent thousands of hours tracking down copies of Can Control, drawing outlines, and trading flicks with other kids from all over the country. I've always thought of hip-hop and graffiti as fundamentally the same thing as punk/hardcore: independent culture by the kids, for the kids, so I am stoked to have Chris Gliebe on PRMBA to represent graffiti on here. I know Chris from some Scribble Jam many years ago, and then from freelancing at motion graphics/broadcast design agency Lightborne, where he is now the Executive Creative Director. He's not only an awesome writer, but a great designer/illustrator and most importantly one of the nicest human…
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July 13, 2015

LESSON 4: Take a stand

Punx (left); Youth Of Today (right) I got into punk back in 1989 after discovering The Sex Pistols and some random local bands who fell into the "mohawks, leather jackets and Anarchy signs" camp. In other words, classic "punk rock by the numbers." Being a weird kid who felt like I didn't belong in the "normal" world, I definitely responded to their aggression and anger, but something didn't feel right. Their anger felt directionless and inarticulate, there was an undercurrent of self-destructiveness that I definitely did not respond to (coming from a family of fuckups, that was the LAST thing I wanted more of), and if I'm being honest, I thought they looked stupid with their ridiculous haircuts and spiky jackets. Punk was a start, but I was looking for something more-- something that could channel my anger and alienation in a positive direction. The line "living fast and dying young was…
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Alumni Profiles
July 6, 2015

Alumni Profile: Carlos Ramirez of Black Army Jacket and Fuse

In our Alumni Profiles section, we talk to people who are graduates of the Punk Rock MBA program: people who cut their teeth in the DIY scene and use their roots in DIY as the foundation of their professional success. In this installment, I caught up with my good friend Carlos Ramirez, who is a fellow veteran of the 90s power violence scene with a soft spot for pop-punk and has worked in the entertainment industry in a variety of roles. If you’re an Alumni who wants to tell your story, get in touch! Give us your life story in a few sentences: who are you, what is/was your involvement in punk/hc/diy culture and what is your "real job"? I’m a 40-year-old native New Yorker living in Los Angeles with my wife and two kids. We’ve been out here for about 10 years now. I used to be in the band Black Army…
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